Photography Referrals

As artists, many of us are on tight budgets; we have application fees, travel expenses, and have to pay for lessons and coachings.  Because of this, many of us don’t spend the money we should on great headshots.  I think this is a huge mistake for singers!  Think about it: when we apply to companies that don’t require a screening CD, we send them a package that only includes our application and fee, our headshot, and our résumé, and perhaps a bio and cover letter.  This is all companies have to look at before they decide whether they will invite us for a live audition.  Because of this, we need to make sure that everything we send in that envelope portrays us in our very best light!  As a singer, if you splurge on one thing, make it your headshots!  Companies see hundreds of photos every day, so they can tell who has spent the extra dollar on something great and who hasn’t.375497_1430954572016_1597660710_nLuckily, I have teamed up with a few photographers across the country to help you pinch a few more pennies and still get fantastic headshots!  If you’re in Eastern Iowa, Dallas, or New York (or are willing to travel to one of those places), I can set you up with a wonderful photographer!  All you have to do is mention that you were referred by “Center for Singers” and you’ll get a discount.  Know a great photographer somewhere else?  Let me know and I’ll contact them about collaborating and providing a discount through Center for Singers.

New York: Yellowline Photography, Vogue Italia, Facebook

Dallas: Hank Henley Photography


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